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Grundaren av Mercierterapi, Jennifer Mercier berättar om fertilitetsmassage tekniken hon uppfunnit och hur det påverkan kvinnans fertilitet och hormonbalans. 🤰🏽 Detta avsnitt beskriver tydlig hur vi arbetar på Mercier Sverige. 🤱🏽 @jennifer.mercier.nd @fertilityfriday @hormonhalsan 👶🏾 #pregnantbelly #merciermama #mercierbaby #fertilityjourney #fertilityawareness #merciertherapy #ivfsverige #ivf #fertilitet #fertility #infertility #infertilitet #fertilitetsmassage #vårturnu #ofrivilligbarnlöshet


#Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd with @get_repost ・・・ And we've got another positive #pregnancy! This sweet gal came in from another state to visit and has some serious tubal issues which required an #IVF cycle and FET (frozen embryo transfer). She's pleased to announce that many months post us finishing our work together than her 1st FET is sucessful! So so elated for this dear couple. They're blessed and I'm #blessed to know them. ❤ I #love you and you know who you are. . . @jennifer.mercier.nd @merciersverige @hormonhalsan . #pregnancy #pregnancytest #infertility #fertilityjourney #mercierbaby #merciertherapy #mercier #fertilitetsförståelse #fertilitetsmassage #näringsterapeut #östrogen #örtterapeut #progesteron #gravid #vårturnu #ivfsverige #fertilitet #pregnant #love #fertility #infertilitet #infertility #conception #ivf #fet #success #näringsterapeut #nutritionist #merciersverige #hormonhälsan


#Repost @larabriden with @get_repost ・・・ ”Ovulation is the main event of the cycle because it’s how you progress through all the stages of a normal menstrual cycle. If you don’t ovulate, then you technically do not cycle--although you could still bleed. See my blog post "3 signs your period is not really a period." . Ovulation is also how you make the estrogen and progesterone you need to be healthy. . So, how do you know if you ovulate? The simplest way is to track your basal body temperatures, which are under-the-tongue temperatures before you get out of bed in the morning. As soon as you ovulate, you make progesterone which increases your temperature by about a half of a degree. . You can track temperatures with pen and paper or with an app or device like @daysyfertilitytracker @tempdrop @avawomen and many more. Please comment with the names of your other favourite cycle trackers or apps that use temperature. . The other way to confirm ovulation is to measure progesterone in the blood or urine with an at-home test like @proovtest . Just be sure to test at the right time. Read my blog post "The right way to test progesterone." Link in my bio @larabriden.” . Have a question about ovulation? We can help you! @merciersverige @hormonhalsan . #progesterone #estrogendominance #righttoovulate #periodrepairmanual #periodrevolution #merciersverige #fertilityawareness #fertilitetsförståelse #ovulacion #fertilitet #infertilitet #fertilitetsbehandling #fertilitetsmassage #merciertherapy #näringsterapeut #örtterapeut #nutritionist #herbalist #functionalmedicine #ivfsverige #ivf #vårturnu #ofrivilligtbarnlös #hormonhälsan #ulife #progesteron #östrogen #kvinnohälsa


Repost @dr.carriejones with @get_repost ・・・ ”Want to understand how stress affects your ovulation, progesterone production and your period? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Turns out it happens right in your brain! This is post 11 in my brain mini-series! If you need more brain info, go back in my IG and catch up. 👀 . Ladies, the brain tells your ovarian theca cells make testosterone. This aromatizes into estradiol in the granulosa cells. Once you ovulate, these 2 types of cells become lutein cells (corpus luteum) and they pump out happy progesterone! 🙌🏼 . However, stress causing too much cortisol and norepinephrine can block this up in your brain! 😱 . Aromastase is an enzyme made by the CYP19a1 snp. In your brain, there is a ‘promoter’ that is increased by cortisol causing an increase in aromatase production resulting in more estradiol (E2). 🧐 . High E2 in your hypothalamus causes suppression of GnRH therefore your pituitary can’t make healthy levels of LH and FSH. 😕 . Without FSH or LH you can’t properly choose an egg to grow and ovulate so now circulating estradiol and progesterone levels systemically drop. Many women might even skip a period or get a weird late period. 😳 . All because stress increases that promoter that increases brain aromatase increasing estrogen to suppress GnRH from the hypothalamus. 😲 . So if your stress is super high or you are doing things that are stressing out your body (excessive exercising, changing multiple time zones...etc) and you’re experiencing ovulation problems, low progesterone, PMS, irregular periods or skipped periods - work on balance in your life if you can! 🤗 . Know your body is literally trying to protect you. It’s like GIRL 👏🏼 LISTEN 👏🏼 HERE 👏🏼 - there is too much stress to release an egg and potentially grow a baby so we’re NOT going to focus on that right now. 🙃 . This absolutely happens to me too. I was on airplanes constantly changing massive time zones last year (USA -> Australia/NZ -> USA -> South Africa) and my period was a HOT MESS those 2 months. But once I sorted myself out, she was happy again. 😛” . Does your period get affected by stress?? We Can help you! @merciersverige @hormonhalsan


#Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd with @get_repost ・・・ Polycystic ovarian syndrome. While PCOS presents differently in each woman it can be difficult to pinpoint it's actual cause. This disease knows no ethnicity. Typical body habitus can present with a rounded moon face, hair on the chin, male balding pattern on the top of the head and crown, heavy upper body, thin legs and smaller breasts. Annovulatory cycles are just one reason for fertility challenges due to PCOS. I've helped many women to get symptoms under control by using bio-identical hormones, diet and Mercier Therapy. Just by using my hands I believe I've assisted in rupturing cysts on the ovarian surface. How do I know this? My patient will report a feeling of pain followed by relief. This work never ceases to amaze me. I'm not professing to cure this disease but I sure can help ❤ We Can help! @hormonhalsan @merciersverige @jennifer.mercier.nd #mercier #merciertherapy #mercierbaby #pcos #pcosawareness #fertilityawareness #fertilitet #ivfsverige #infertility #fertilityjourney #women #naturopath #infertilitet #pelvicpain #näringsterapeut #ovulation #örtterapeut #fertilitetsmassage #gentleconception #functionalmedicine #herbalist #pregnant #gravid #merciersverige #hormonhälsan #ulife #kvinnohälsa


#Repost @dr.carriejones with @get_repost ”How does the position of your uterus affect your GI tract? I posted a story yesterday where @saragottfriedmd talks about this in relation to GI symptoms and I got a million great questions! 🙌🏼 . I learned about this issue in medical school as I did so many uterine exams during female physical exams. My mentor really made sure I understood uterine anatomy. I then went on to get trained by @arvigoinstitute so I had a tool to help women with abdominal adhesions and uterine misalignment. 🌸 . If you scroll through the pictures you can see that the uterus is to be bent slightly forwards towards your belly button. If she’s bent way too far forward or backwards you get problems. 👎🏼 . If your uterus is leaning backwards and flexed - she can PUSH up against your intestines. This can cause GI problems like constipation or pain with a bowel movement. This worsens if your uterus is larger like when you’re near your period (full of thick tissue you’re about to bleed out) or with fibroids. 😮 . If she’s tipped to the side she might press against the ileocecal valve. This can affect a lot - like SIBO. 🤭 . Some women know their position because they are told at their pelvic exam. Others found out based on a pelvic ultrasound they had. If you don’t know your position, ASK next time you have an exam. 🤗 . What can you do to help it? There are some GREAT therapists who focus on abdominal work. Look at @jennifer.mercier.nd who is the founder of Mercier therapy (they can help you find a practitioner)” or @merciersverige @hormonhalsan . Do you suspect or know if your uterus is out of alignment? 👀 . These great pictures are by @acog_org and @alignmentmonkey . ♥️ #uterus #ivf #hormones #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloordysfunction #fertility #infertility #ivfjourney #femalehealth #fertilitet #fertilitetsbehandling #womenshealth #behealthy #infertilitet #vårturnu #fertilitetsmassage #ivfsverige #fibroids #naturopathicmedicine #näringsterapeut #örtterapeut #hälsa #selfcare #ultrasound #myom #merciertherapy


Saturday fun... 😂😂😂


(English below) Vill du veta mer? Kontakta oss via mail i bio eller kika in på hemsidan.


Mercier Therapy is a mild and completely harmless technique created to help us reconnect with our female body parts around the pelvis and balance its functions. All massage takes place around the pelvis's various areas and organs. Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd ・・・ This beautiful illustration shows what a gentle conception encompasses. Infertility? Take it slowly and consider what type of care feels most loving to you. I assure you that you'll have that experience when you work with a professional trained to use the Mercier Therapy protocol. You'll love the experience and feel as if you're partnering along side of a friend while on your journey to motherhood. We want nothing more than to assist you in the way you deserve to be assisted.


“Malposition of any organ in the body will impede proper function. It’s like having your leg crossed and your foot falling asleep because you’ve cut off blood flow. If left like that, the foot would lose its function, period. No one is addressing organ malposition, pelvic scar tissue, or other possible issues preventing a natural pregnancy that could be fixed with simple manipulation and therapy. Creating Mercier Therapy came naturally as I thought more and more about organ movement and its effects on fertility.” - Jennifer Mercier


(English below) Vi är certifierade för att jobba med Mercierterapi och fertilitet. Vårt Shared Journey program hjälper dig att förbereda inför en naturlig graviditet eller assisterad befruktning. Kontakta oss för att få veta mer. Email i bio.


Demo of layers involved in a c-section birth and how it is done. So interesting! . . With Mercier Therapy we can help your body recover after c-section and heal the scar tissue.


(English below) Mercier Sverige’s Shared Journey är en naturlig fertilitetsförberedelse eller kan användas som ett komplement vid assisterad befruktning för att; . 👶Förbereda kroppen inför en graviditet. 👶🏻Reglera menscykeln och ägglossningen. 👶🏽Balansera hormoner och det endokrina systemet i kroppen. 👶🏾Förbättra äggstockarnas funktion för bättre follikel och äggkvalitet. 👶🏿Förbättra livmoderns rörlighet, blodflöde samt position. 👶🏼Djupt avslappnande - tar bort blockeringar, oro och stress. . 🌸 Kan vara till hjälp vid; FSH, låg äggreserv, sekundära fertilitetsproblem som tex. ärrbildning från kejsarsnitt, endometrios och myom, PCOS, ärrbildning från bäcken/bäckenbottenoperation, skada på höft eller bäcken, sexuell funktionalitet, utebliven ägglossning, och utebliven mens.


One of our amazing colleagues describes Mercier Therapy so well. 🌸 . Repost @drjennystofer It’s called MERCIER THERAPY (pronounced the French way). It’s external pelvic organ massage and gently releases tight tissues or adhesions (sometimes scar tissue) in the lower abdomen. 🌙 I’ve helped many women get pregnant using this method as well as helped women with painful periods, heavy periods, and more. Women have reported that the work itself is very releasing and just “feels good”. 🌙 People are trained as practitioners all over the world and I truly hope that the word continues to spread. It’s amazing to help women heal and function just through their own body and without drugs or surgery 🌙


“The Mercier Therapy, developed by Jennifer Mercier, is a path breaking approach in the world of fertility treatments. More and more couples who are going through infertility need to know about it. The documentary has a lot of potential to serve this purpose successfully. It will definitely become a source of information as well as inspiration for a large number of people. I hope the film receives its much deserved attention and appreciation at the earliest.” - Julie Chang , L.Ac., Fertility Acupuncturist


Mercier Therapy is a soft tissue visceral manipulation technique used to help restore the health and general wellbeing within the female pelvis. All massage takes place on the outside of the body around the pelvis's various areas and organs. Mercier Therapy ensures that the organs in the pelvic area have the right position, full mobility and blood flow for optimal function. . . Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd Fertility challenge? Come see one of us. Find a list of Mercier professionals on We have helped women with a variety of issues from diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, pcos, hyper and hypothyroid, low estradiol, poor organ mobility and blood flow, post myomectomy, elevated FSH, pelvic pain, failed medical attempts, secondary infertility and advanced maternal age.


Another Mercier baby! ❤️👶🏽❤️ . . Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd with @get_repost ・・・ Aaaand another! Gentle is best. This couple came to me after failing 2 IVF's. They said they had wished they found me before spending money they don't have and nearly divorcing. . . Happy for them. Praying for healthy pregnancy and baby. God bless. ❤


(English Below) Vill du veta mer om hur Mercierterapi kan hjälpa din fertilitet? Den här tekniken har en framgångsstatistik på 80% och vi är den enda kliniken i Sverige som erbjuder den. Läs mer om hur det fungerar via länken i bion @merciersverige.


”With all the medical advances we boast of, the next break through in mainstream medicine, I believe, will be the recognition of the human mind and body as one entity requiring attention as one fluid form. Mercier Therapy is revolutionary in that it approaches the female body with that basic understanding. I have referred many of my patients to Jennifer Mercier because I believe the mainstream practices in medicine fall short in considering simple lifestyle or functional changes that women could make to optimize her reproductive organs. Increasing awareness of alternative approaches to infertility is potentially life-changing for many couples and is necessary.” - Jaini Moody MD


Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️


“Mercier Therapy Shared Journey not only includes the actual manual therapy, but it also includes a year of on-going support, guidance, and education to help women navigate the world of infertility and find optimal health and wellness.”


(English below) Efter skada eller operation bildas ärrvävnad som en del av kroppens läkningsprocess. Ärrvävnad kan störa kroppens funktion, orsaka invärtes smärta eller muskelsmärta och obalans, därför är det bra att behandla det. Ärrvävnad kan även påverka underliggande strukturer och organ och påverka deras funktioner, och det kan också påverka flödet av vätskor genom kroppen; lymfa och blod etc. Cirka 93% av alla bukoperationer eller skador orsakar invändiga sammanväxningar. Att behandla ärrvävnad minskar smärta, ökar rörligheten, minskar sammanväxningar och förbättrar nervfunktionen för att skapa en bättre inre funktion. Den bästa tiden att börja behandla ärrvävnad är inom 24 månader efter skadan eller operationen, men det är aldrig för sent att hjälpa kroppen att återhämta sig.


"Being fertile is the most natural process within our body and when it seems stuck, weak or broken we will jump in and help." - Dr Jennifer Mercier . . (English below) En fallstudie från 2013 visade att av kvinnor som fått Mercierterapi fertilitetsmassage blev totalt 83% gravida inom ett år efter behandlingen. 80% blev gravida på helt naturlig väg genom att enbart använda Mercierterapi och kartläggning av sin menscykel. . . I studien ingick 48 kvinnor i åldrarna 28-42 år. 32 av dessa blev gravida naturligt med enbart Mercierterapi. 8 personer använde Mercierterapi och någon form av assisterad befruktning.


"Endometriosis causes various adhesions through its inflammatory process. The pelvic anatomy is altered by the disease" - Dr Kanayama . . (English below) Kronisk buksmärta kan vara väldigt svårt att leva med på daglig basis. Det är inte normalt att ha så ont att du behöver ta en värktablett. . . Ofta kommer buksmärtorna från bäckenbottenområdet, i eller kring reproduktiva organ och områden i närheten som urinblåsa, tarmar, muskler, ligament och ben. . . Mercierterapi för endometrios görs i en behandlingsserie om 1 gång per vecka i 6 veckor, ca 60min per gång. Massagen görs utvärtes, och vid behov rekommenderar vi dig att söka vidare hjälp för medicinsk undersökning.


Ett kejsarsnitt görs med ett horisontellt snitt i den nedre delen av livmodern vilket kan orsaka mycket ärrvävnad och att livmodern fäster ihop med andra organ som tex urinblåsan. Den här typen av ärrvävnad kan orsaka begränsad rörlighet och minskat blodflöde i hela bäckenet. Ärrvävnaden kan även orsaka framtida fertilitetsutmaningar. Vårt program för läkning efter kejsarsnitt kan hjälpa dig med rehabiliteringen. Bäst är att börja sex veckor efter din operation. Du måste ha din läkares godkännande och inte ha ett öppet sår, infektion eller stark smärta vid operationsärret. Repost @jennifer.mercier.nd with @get_repost ・・・ C-section scars heal up beautifully. However the involvement underneath can be extensive. I often refer to that involvement like an iceberg. Pretty on the surface and jagged ,widespread below. The formation of scar tissue is the body's protective mechanism in the healing process. Once completely healed the uterus has a super tight new relationship with the bladder which can cause a shift in all of the pelvic organs immobilizing them and decreasing blood flow. Sometimes many years after a c-section a woman may complain about gastrointestinal pain and discomfort. This happens as the scar tissue fully impedes bowel motility. C-section scar tissue can also lead to secondary fertility challenges too. Working on c-section scar tissue is imperative for optimal pelvic organ wellness. Mercier Therapy has an amazing c-section recovery program.


(English below) Det behövs både en spermie och ett ägg för att befruktning skall ske. Vill du optimera förutsättningarna för ditt kommande barn, måste både mannens och kvinnans hälsa och fertilitet räknas med i förberedelserna. Mannens spermakvalitet är lika viktig som kvinnans äggkvalitet från trimester noll (när ägg och sperma utvecklas och mognar) till befruktning. . Mercier Sveriges Shared Journey är ett 6 veckor långt fertilitetsprogram, med 1 behandling per vecka och upp till 12 månaders uppföljning. Vi individanpassar Shared Journey utifrån varje kvinnas/pars behov och situation efter samråd vid det första konsultationstillfället. På den första konsultationen går vi igenom tidigare inskickat hälsoformulär, eventuella provsvar samt pratar om livsstil och andra faktorer som kan inverka positivt eller negativt på din hälsa.


(English below) Mercierterapi är en djupgående massageteknik som används för att återställa optimal funktion av bäckenets olika organ. All massage sker utvärtes kring bäckenets olika områden. Mercierterapi ser till att organen i bukområdet har rätt position, full rörlighet och blodflöde för optimal funktion. . . Förutom fertilitetsoptimering hjälper vi dig även med hormonella obalanser och problematik som PCOS, endometrios, utebliven ägglossning, utebliven mens (amenorré), myom, efter kejsarsnitt och när du slutat med hormonella preventivmedel.


(English below) Mercier Sverige arbetar utifrån ett funktionsmedicinskt perspektiv, med stort intresse för optimal hälsa och fertilitet och hur man kan stötta kroppen på naturlig väg. Individbaserad livsstilsmedicin innebär att vi utgår från dig och din unika situation. Vi tar oss tid att lyssna och vi hittar lösningar tillsammans som ett team utifrån personlig situation, symptom, eventuell diagnos samt livsstil.


(English below) Mercierterapi kan vara till hjälp vid följande situationer; . . •Naturlig förberedelse inför graviditet eller som ett komplement vid tex. IVF alt. andra infertilitetsbehandlingar •Blockerade äggledare •Smärtlindring vid tex endometrios •Optimering av menscykel och ägglossning •Balansering av hormoner och det endokrina systemet •Förbättring av äggstockarnas funktion för bättre follikel- och äggkvalitet •Förbättring av livmoderns blodflöde och position •Djupavslappning - tar bort blockeringar, oro och stress


“Jennifer Mercier had done us all a huge service by documenting the truth about the business of fertility. And giving women safe, effective, and empowering alternatives and ways to enhance the gift that is our fertility.” - Christiane Northrup , MD, author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom